Year One Reflections


Hi friends!  It’s been a few weeks and I thought I would do a bit of a free write to share what has been going on behind the scenes.

While it is completely against my nature (vikruti), I am learning to follow the wisdom of the sages and learn to follow the pace of nature.  Which means there is an ebb and flow to all activity, sometimes faster or slower, but that nature always produces fruit.


These past few weeks I have been enjoying the time with family and the precious Queen B; who can hardly be referred to as a baby these days.  I have focused on the increased demands at work, registered to become a yoga teacher through Sivananda Bahamas TTC and last but not least, I have finished year one of Ayurveda training. (yayy!!!)



It seems fitting that endings come with reflections.  And my reflection takes me back to remembering why I started this program.

I have been listening to some wonderful speakers and reading works of the saints.  There seems to be this underlying thread of Truth, which I aim to follow, and is why I chose this path which seems so underdeveloped.  It is said to be the path of the fool.  The path of not knowing where one is going, yet having a very clear idea why.

The ‘why’, seems to be highlighted in all religious texts as Truth.  The why is to follow the path of the Good. 

I have heard this criticized, and understandably so.  The path of the Good can easily be written off as building castles in the sky and an ungrounded path.  It may even appear so from the outside.  But the path of the Good, as far as I can tell, is very clear once you have eyes to see.  It is the path that which is most available to you, which you have the means to follow, that which provides the most good to thecommunity and does the least amount of damage.

It seems to be an internal gauge; one that can’t be quantified by outside measures.  Although there does seem to be a mirror effect which can really only been seen internally.  Sometimes others may perceive it as well.

This internal gauge is measured by how much peace, even through suffering, one may feel.  It can be seen as delusional, sure.  But the delusions of peace seem to be of much higher quality and enjoyment than the delusions of depression, anxiety and disorder.

This path is not something I wanted, per se.  I wanted internal peace. That was, and is, my highest desire.  I have found over the past few years that hard work, discipline, study and most of all surrender and love for all that life offers, including the suffering, has given me the foundation on which I can build a life of peace. It also required that I gave up much of what I thought I wanted, including choice of vocation. 

I learned through trial and error, that my vocation must be a part of who I am and who I want to be.  If who I am, at the deepest level, is peace, and who I want to be is an embodiment of that peace, my time would need to be spent essentially fully immersed in that mission.

Ayurveda opened up a door which offers that full immersion.

Ayurveda in India is a bit different than the way it is practiced here.  In India it is practiced in the villages where modern medicine is limited.  Here, however, we have all of the modern medical equipment and essentially free access to the most high tech treatments.  Yet we don’t seem to be a culture beaming with the radiance and glow of perfect health.  What are we missing? 

Health, or svastha, is seen as the connection of the body and mind with the inner self.  It is the alignment of the whole psycho-physical-spiritual being.

This, I think, is where there is opportunity to narrow the gap between allopathic and holistic medicine.  Even the healthiest of people physically often experience disharmony internally.

Once we recognize that we all going to die and it cannot be avoided, health takes on an entirely new meaning.  It becomes less of a means to avoid death, but rather as a way to increase Life while we are on earth.  If we are on the path to contribute the most Good to our communities, it is helpful if we have the energy and clarity of mindto do so. 

As we know, especially in the Western world, but ever more increasingly in developing nations, our food products are devoid of nutritional value, which is replaced by loaded sugar and salt content.  Our lives have become a rat race of never ending activities with little reflection on their impact.

It is helpful to have a philosophy which recognizes the value in maintaining the health of the body and mind for the good of the community, rather one that perpetuates sense gratification under the guise of the ultimate form of success and enjoyment. 

In yoga, it is called tapas, or austerities.  It is this discipline to chose what is best for us, not just our craving of the moment, that helps us to find more peace within.  Ayurveda is a deeper understanding into the energies which affect us mind, body and soul.  It teaches us to consciously chose that which will most effectively support our evolution.

Especially this last month, in August of 2017, we have experienced the amplification of the turbulence that is underlying our social and political structure in the United States.  It seems that the tension has been building up over the past several years.  It is this tension, internally and externally, that led me to recognize the need for veering off the well-traveled path, and to venture on one which has the potential for supporting the awakening of kindness, peace and love in each individual’s heart. 

If you are reading, thank you for following along. Your support means everything to me. Thank you sharing in my starting and stopping, and stumbling along the path of this fool.  I know not where I go, but if I can be of any assistance or support on your path, please reach out.  That is truthfully what I am here for.

I am one year in, guys.  What a blessing.

At this point I am qualified to begin to advise lifestyle suggestions.  I will not be giving prescriptions, but I can help to identify any areas that need extra support and offer suggestions.  I can recommend books, articles, journals that may assist you be the best version of yourself through the path of the Vedic sciences.

I intend to continue to build reference content on the site and post some of the practices and meals of the day on Instagram. I will continue my Ayurveda studies after a pre-requisite, a Sanskrit course and a month of yoga teacher training!  I know this combination will prove to be valuable in the years to come.

Again, thank you all.  Much health, happiness, love and joy to you <3

Remember, although I may offer suggestions, it is not at the expense of the opinion of a qualified healthcare professional.